RID Data Submission

Users are welcome to submit integration site information and patient demographics in the following Excel templates (examples are shown in these templates):

1. Integration site data (download the template here)
patient/sample_idtissue/cellchromosomepositionprovirus_strandLTRclone sizecomment
101Jurkat cell linechr46365158+both1

  • Provirus strand is defined as “+” if the provirus integrated in the same orientation as the chromosome being integrated and “-“ if the provirus integrated in the opposite orientation.
2. Patient demographic if available (download the template here)
patient_idtissue/celltissue sourceage(year)sexrace/ethnicitytrasmission_modeon_ARTART_duration(year)viremicsample_comment
C906PBMCin vivo59FBlackyes8no
A907PBMCin vivo6MBlackmother to childyes5no
B909CD4in vivo59FWhitedrug useyes12no
101Jurkat cell linein vitro
102ACH-2 cell linein vitro

The integration site data and patient demographics should be sent via email to Wei Shao at rid@mail.nih.gov with the Excel file(s) attached.

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