RID Introduction

  • The Retrovirus Integration Database (RID) is a relational database containing information about retrovirus integration sites in host genomes and is sponsored by the HIV Dynamics and Replication Program (HIV DRP), National Cancer Institute, NIH. The HIV DRP is a multidisciplinary research program focusing on various aspects of HIV studies.
  • In RID, all integration sites are mapped to the current host genome build; for human, the host genome build is hg19. Provirus strand is defined as “+” if the provirus integrated in the same orientation as the chromosome being integrated and “-“ if the provirus integrated in the opposite orientation.
  • Users do not need to log in to access this database.
  • How to cite this database:
  • Wei Shao, Jigui Shan, Mary Kearney, Xiaolin Wu, Frank Maldarelli, John W. Mellors, Brian Luke, John M. Coffin, and Stephen H. Hughes. Retrovirus Integration Database (RID): a public database for retroviral insertion sites into host genomes. Retrovirology 2016 13:47

If you have any questions, please contact Wei Shao, Ph.D at rid@mail.nih.gov

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